One visit can change everything.
Nature is the mirror of divine beauty.
Paths to castle property.
A town on the peninsula of Madonna, with Venetian architecture.
Experience vine culture on our slope vineyards boasting mountainscape views and feel the smell of vine basment.
old train
Nostalgic pleasure of a steam train journey.
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Govisitslovenia offer you high-quality, personalized services with tremendous understanding and we can provide you with knowledgeable responses to all of your questions and requests in a timely manner...

food Tour
Slovenian food is heavily influenced by each of its neighbours – Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Balkans. Slovenian dishes can be reinvented versions of familiar foreign ones or completely unique creations..
our amazing tours
We do the best to leave you with unforgettable impressions of Slovenia..
We offer fully guided tours of the Alps to ambitious hikers. The tour guide will acquaint you with local geology, fauna and flora. A truly global experience and spectacular views are guaranteed..
Our cruises by sea
Hop on board a vessel and enjoy smooth sailing with the gentle breeze of the northern Mediterranean..
Our partners
Many years of professional partners with heart and soul..
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Govisitslovenia focuses on providing its clients with 24/7 support over the phone before, during and after the booking. We will organize for you easy, headache-free trip. The company is trusted, secure and professional.

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An expert guide can give you just the insider experience you’ve been craving.

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