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Govisitslovenia offer you high-quality, personalized services with tremendous understanding and we can provide you with knowledgeable responses to all of your questions and requests in a timely manner...

Food tour
Slovenian food is heavily influenced by each of its neighbours – Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Balkans. Slovenian dishes can be reinvented versions of familiar foreign ones or completely unique creations..
our amazing tours
We do the best to leave you with unforgettable impressions of Slovenia..
We offer fully guided tours of the Alps to ambitious hikers. The tour guide will acquaint you with local geology, fauna and flora. A truly global experience and spectacular views are guaranteed..
Our cruises by sea
Hop on board a vessel and enjoy smooth sailing with the gentle breeze of the northern Mediterranean...

a little about us

Our fully licensed company Govisitslovenia is committed to ensuring unforgettable tours and experiences for visitors and guests. We provide a comprehensive range of inspiring and informative guides to help our audience learn more about Slovenia, the people and culture. Govisitslovenia continues to focus on the needs and desires of travellers who wish to spend quality time in this beautiful country.

We aim to achieve this each year by working hand in hand with several business partners. We have a real passion for nature and can show you amazing places and sights. You can experience the warmth and friendliness of the local people first hand. We provide full services in relation to sight-seeing, tours and tour guides.

Our services are available for wholesalers, travel agencies, self-guided tourists, more experienced tourists and special interest groups. We would be pleased to help you with a complete range of booking services for your time in this fantastic country between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps.

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